Helping Hands Uganda: A Case Study

Project Overview

Helping Hands Uganda is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of Ugandans. Our team was tasked with designing a website that not only showcased the organization’s mission and projects but also provided a platform for growth and fundraising.

Design Process

1. Color Scheme

The color scheme was chosen to reflect the vibrant culture of Uganda. We used a warm palette of earthy tones, inspired by the Ugandan landscape, to create a welcoming and engaging user experience.

2. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)

We designed an intuitive UI to ensure that visitors could easily navigate the site and find the information they were looking for. The UX was designed to be engaging and interactive, encouraging users to explore the various projects and initiatives of Helping Hands Uganda.


1. E-commerce Store

One of the key features of the website is the e-commerce store. This allows visitors to purchase products made by the communities that Helping Hands Uganda supports, providing a source of income for these communities and contributing to the sustainability of the organization’s projects.

2. Donation and Fundraising Tools

We integrated donation and fundraising tools into the website, making it easy for visitors to contribute to Helping Hands Uganda’s projects. This feature was crucial in helping the organization grow and continue its valuable work.

3. Project Showcase

The website features a project showcase, where visitors can learn about the various initiatives that Helping Hands Uganda is involved in. This feature was designed to be visually engaging, using images and stories to highlight the impact of the organization’s work.


The website has been instrumental in raising awareness about Helping Hands Uganda’s mission and projects. It has also been a valuable tool for fundraising and has contributed to the growth of the organization.

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