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Proposal presented by: Elyown Software & Services

WordPress Webdesign Proposal for NCI Machinery. This website will have 3 – 5 categories and each category will have 1 – 5 products.

This website will have the following pages.
1. A good landing page / Home page to display the products in categories. These will have tabs that open up once clicked.
2(a) Product Information Page. This will be a link to all the different product pages.
2(b) (Each Product will have its own Product page. )
3. Services page.
4. News page. (Blog posts)
5. About Us page. (usually contains mission, vision, values and team members)
6. Contact us page. A webform.
7. Get a Quote Page.

Our Portforlio
1. Hazz Associates
2. MarvCleans Cleaning Company
3. Trestle
4. Helping Hands Uganda
5. Afuga Staffing Solutions
6. Personal Problem

Website Design Process

Here is an Overview of the Whole website design process. 1. Approval of Contract. 2. Prototype Design. 3. Prototype Review. 4. Website Design Development. 5. Adding Website Content 6. Testing, Usability and Feedback 7. Continual Support.

Contract Approval and Set up.

Please review the contract and do not hesitate to let us know anything that you think should be better. Elyown Software & Services is ready to help NCI Machinery to have a good website. Once you are okay with the information below, accept the contract and we will start. Elyown Software & Services is willing to help/guide on how to get good web hosting.

Prototype Design.

The first step will be designing a prototype of how the NCI Machinery website will look like. Once this is done, we will share it with you for review. We will need to know the colors needed on this website. The logo and the images could also be helpful.

Reviewing and Editing the Prototype.

In this stage, we will present the Prototype and request NCI Machinery to give us feedback.

Website Design and Development.

Once the Prototype has been reviewed and accepted, the next step will be Designing the Website basing on the Prototype. This is the stage where we will put up all the web pages and links. We will also add the required plugins for best functionality. Security, performance and Accessibility will also be considered.

Adding Content and wording

Once the website theme design is done, we will then add the content according to how NCI Machinery desires to have it.

Testing, Usability and Feedback

At this stage, we will test the website to make sure all the information and links are working right. We will also love to improve anything from the Feedback we get from NCI Machinery.

Continual Support.

Elyown Software & Services is willing to provide support for any any issues on the work we have done for the first 3 months after the Contract has been accepted.

Our Proposed Timeline

At Elyown Software & Services, we will do our very best to keep in the Timeline. We appeal to the kindness of NCI Machinery in case of any unprecedented delays but we hope this will not be the case at all.

Estimated Timeline:

18th October - 8th November

Prototype Design.
18th October - 21st October
Prototype Review.
21st October - 25th October
Website Design Development.
25th October - 1st November
Adding Website Content
25th October - 1st November
Testing, Usability and Feedback
1st November - 8th November.
Continual Support.
8th November - 8th February

NCI Machinery Pricing

Feel free to let us know your thoughts. Our evaluation of this project is as follows;

Web Hosting
Web Design

Total: $2600

Approve Proposal

If you would like to join us and become a client then we’d be delighted to have you.

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