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Dapfashions E-commerce Web Design Proposal

Proposal presented by: Elyown Software & Services

This is a Web Design proposal for an E-commerce Store. The purpose of this website is to sell and market Dapfashion’s Products. These include things like Long Dresses/ short dresses 👗 Skirts / Tops. Jumpsuits. Shorts. Shoes👞 . Nickers/ Bras. Night dresses. Night wares Inner wares. The target market is Girls and Women.

Website Design Process

Setting up Webhosting: I would suggest setting up Hostinger Wordpress starter Hosting. It may cost between $150~ $200 for a 4 year term. This is preferred if you may want to use other websites. Dapfashions is free to decide the hosting they desire. Setting Up the Website template. The first part of this Website design process is setting up a template of what the website will look like. We will have the following pages. 1. Home Page; i. Home page will have SlideShows of Different Collections of Products. ii. Testimonials. People who appreciate your products iii. The brands you have. If there are any popular brands. iv. Call to Action, if a page viewer has a question to ask. v. The big deal is to have a good eye catching landing page. Most likely a slide show of different products. 2. A page with all Items. Shop All page. On this page, we can also possibly have option to filter out. to make the search easier. 3. Terms and Conditions Page and Privacy Policy Page. These are vital to have. There must also be a page talking about how Dapfashions will handle delivery and returns and whether Dapfashions refunds or not. I also think this might be included in the FAQ page. 4. FAQ page, for any common questions about orders, shipping or about the product. (Also delivery and returns can be included here). 5. There will be a membership Page with minimal details. Usually Woocommerce keeps people as members. 6. Contact Us page and About Us Page (or Our Story). 7. By default, we can have a blog page. But it will be blank at the start unless there are blogs already. This is usually an important tool in marketing.

WooCommerce Set up

The second part of the website is setting up the store. This part involves getting all the required pictures and setting them up on the website in an attractive and organized fashion. We also have to set up the words that will market the products with SEO. 1. Here is where we need Images and videos (if available). These are the likely the biggest issue about this website because they are the ones to increase retention. We want to have some of our best products displayed to catch the eye of any visitors. 2. Another Crucial Issue here is setting up the collections of products. Basically organizing the information in an easy to find manner. Even for people with accessibility needs. 3. The description of every product must be clear and simple. Dapfashions will have a lot of input at this stage.

Required Plugins

The next part is setting up the required Plugins. 1. Stripe Integrations. Setting up Stripe Integrations and Payments. We will have to test it out with some real money too. 2. Paypal Payments. 3. Setting up the shipping plugins. Basically some of these plugins simply help with calculating the shipping costs and including them in every purchase. Usually the seller, Dapfashions, has to do the shipping themselves but with payments already included in a purchase. 4. Social Media Plugins. Some plugins can also help us ease the job of marketing to social media. 5. Form plugins and Email Marketing Plugins. Once a customer purchases a product, we will have to send them an immediate email, thanking them for the purchase. We will also have to keep sending emails regularly as this is also a good marketing strategy. But at the moment, Elyown Software & Services is focused on setting it up only. 6. We will also set up the Google Analytics to keep track of site visitors, where they come from and how to grow them.

Polishing Up the Website.

This is the review stage. Where Elyown Software & Services interacts with Dapfashions to make sure any errors visible are corrected and that the website functions well. Sometimes some errors are not seen right a way, sometimes as developers our eyes do not see certain things, so this is the stage of polishing up everything. Another good help is involving friends and family to give feedback on their website experience.

Our Proposed Timeline

Elyown Software& Services will try to keep in the described time but because some of these times might be underestimated, we are not sure exactly how long each process might take. So please bear with us. Nevertheless our goal is to deliver our services in the timeline below. We also highly encourage sending the Product images early enough. There might also be a lot of information required from Dapfashions. We request that you be open and willing to share the information we ask for if it is possible and okay with you.

Estimated Timeline:

3rd October - 1st November

Setting up Web Hosting
4th October
Designing Website Template
4th October - 12th October
Woocommerce Set up
12th October - 19th October
Required Plugins and testing
19th October - 28th October
Polishing Up
18th October - 1st November.


As you may have already realized, this is a big investment for Dapfashions and we hope that it will enable Dapfashions to grow.

Web Hosting
Web Design

Total: $1200

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